Visionary Journeys
Each of the albums, the artworks and visualisations by Japetus
open a doorway, a portal, to experience different levels of consciousness.
The journey is now up to you!

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The Radiant Self
Guided Visualisation (Complete)

The Journey Through

Sit or lie in a comfortable, quiet place. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. We are now entering into a world of imagination, where thoughts are real and symbols are richly treasured. Behind your eyes, all is dark. Now, imagine that we are riding face down on etheric surfboards through a small dim cave but ahead there is a light, growing larger and stronger and brighter.

Slowly paddling up stream we go through a shimmering waterfall and out into the open. All around us the golden pre-dawn light filters down through the trees that reach up above us and seem to be touching the limitless sky. We are in our dream bodies now, paddling up stream along the mighty river of Life that sustains our outer form. We have come here in search of our greatest truth. This is our journey and as we paddle we know this forest is our dreams. We are in control here and we must discover and learn all we can about this new and wonderful inner world.

This crystal river flows from the distant mountains and pours down to feed the sea of our physical being. Now, as we continue to breathe evenly in and out, we paddle forward with equally effortless strokes. We notice that our etheric surfboard is opaque and crystalline. Looking more closely we see it has seven different coloured spinning flowers in an evenly spaced line up the middle. All around along the river bank tall trees tower overhead. Thick and twisted vines hang down from the canopy, dangling in the water. As we paddle we notice golden flashes of light streaking through the water below the board, carried by the flow. These are glowing crystals of pure inspiration on their way down and out.

The forest is rich and green and the dreams grow bright and strong. But we seek greater wealth than dreams alone. We are journeying beyond, to the source of our being. However, before we can enter that sacred inner realm we must first climb to the peaks of the mountain ridge ahead and then pass through a doorway of light. For now, even as we watch, the forest is beginning to thin out around us as we paddle up into the foothills. Below the board we can now see a school of beautiful glowing rainbow trout swimming effortlessly with us up the stream. We wish we could swim as easily as they do and with that thought the board dissolves and we dive down into the water with them.

But now we must swim harder, for the river grows steeper and flows faster. There are many rapids but we are supported by the school, jumping higher. Looking back across the forest the golden sun is rising, flickering laser rainbows across the water. From here we can see that the cave we had been in is by the ocean and the forest is on the coast! Higher and higher we swim, leaving the lower coastal plains behind us. Up and across rapids, waterfalls and through majestic gorges, we swim this mighty river. We have come so high that the on shore winds blow stronger. From level to level, we zig and zag our way, up through a complex series of staging pools. These pools become clearer and clearer the higher we swim.

Having reached the peaks, we find that we are in the top pool at the source of the river and our consciousness desires to spawn. We lift ourselves out of the water and before us we can see a shining doorway with light streaming forth from it. Sparkles fly out and land in the pool behind us. This doorway is at the very top of the mountain ridge and provides a gateway into the sacred inner realm. The door opens now before us and glows brilliantly as we walk towards it, stepping through.

It is like stepping off a cliff top into a new dimension. Our body is lighter here though and we fall, almost weightless, sliding gently down what appears at first to be a giant fun-slide. It is the inside surface of the immense sacred sphere. As we fall, we see that our bodies are glowing now too, reflecting the light that fills the entire chamber. We begin to notice as we fall, that rising up from the centre of this radiant inner realm, is what appears to be another even larger mountain. It is an enormous volcano that bubbles and brims with pure life and love essences. Mists of golden radiance hang about the summit in swirling clouds. We come to rest at the base of this glowing inner mountain and quickly catch our breath.

Standing up, we dust off the tiny sparkles that seem to cover everything and look into the sky to see where they are coming from. The entire sky is aglow with them. Out of the brightest spot in the sky there now comes flat golden crystal blocks as well, slowly falling on threads of golden light. The first one lands softly at our feet and the others are arranged away from us leading up the mountain. They form a narrow pathway of golden stepping stones.

As the stones continue to fall in front of us, we move forward step by step, drawn towards the powerful glow at the top of the mountain. It is an easy walk at first, and as we walk we watch the brilliant streams of light that shoot out of the mountain top and shimmer overhead, hitting the inner wall above, and falling in a rain of sparkles. And still as we climb, the landscape around us begins to glow and the pathway becomes lighter and brighter. Golden nuggets the size of boulders lie beside the path that now winds its way up steeper ground toward the summit. But surprisingly, we can actually move more easily the higher we climb and so we begin to jog, faster. We can feel the refreshing light coming from the top and we realise that this is the source of our life stream and energy. So, faster we move.

Now we reach the top and climb over the golden rocks that lie around the edge of the molten lake of love at the summit. This is a pool of radiant crystal consciousness, bubbling up from the one life seeking expression in the outer world. Finally, our journey is rewarded and we run to the edge of the lake and dive ecstatically down through the all encompassing bliss, like a candle into the sun. We have traveled far and now we are immersed in our own radiant self, filled full of the joy of being. All our forms dissolve as we merge with this glowing pool. We have become the breath itself, and the river, and the light, and the crystals, and the mountain and the source.

Floating in pure bliss, we watch the swirls of golden mist drift up into the air above. Whole and refreshed and at one, we relax completely and gaze upwards. Through the mists, against a soft purple sky, we can now notice five brightly coloured giant balls floating overhead, making the shape of a pentagram. We are curious but too deeply immersed in the radiance to pursue it now. Just let the joy flow through and breathe it all in. Breathing in the radiance. We must remember this feeling of all consuming oneness. It is a place where you can now come at will, to find healing and regeneration. Also remember the hovering pentagram, for we will be returning our focus to it shortly.

But now we see that our movement in the lake has caused the edges to break and the lava pours over and down the other side of the mountain. Flowing with it, we become red glowing molten rivers, rolling slowly and gradually down towards the base of the volcano. As we roll, we begin to reflect for the first time upon the journey so far. The mountain. The glowing orbs in the sky. The lake. The path of gold. The slide. The doorway of light. The river. The forest. The cave. Now, we go in search of deeper mysteries. Our molten flow begins solidifying back into a glowing human form again. This place where we have now come to rest is at the base of the mountain again where it curves up to form the crater rim.

Here we sit calmly, holding in mind the spatial perspective of where we have come. We will need this later, when we are leaving, so remember the way. High in the centre of the crater rim, above the mountain volcano in the distance, we can see the five spheres connected by what now appears to be translucent silver tubes. These five spheres are the realisations that we can have while in this radiant space. However, they are only accessible from here, after leaving the lake and the mountain top. Once more we must project our thoughts.

The Realisations

So now, here, we close our eyes, and focus. Visualise the mists above the lake again and imaging floating amongst it, looking up towards the pentagram that has a different coloured sphere on each tip. They are green, yellow, red, blue and gold. Now, as we watch from in the mists, the green ball glows brighter and brighter and the mists rise up closer and closer, carrying us with it towards the glowing sphere. In a flash of iridescent turquoise, we pass through into a limitless space of total wall to wall green.

It is a place of simplistic joy. A Garden of Eden and as we float through the scene a young ballerina dances innocently amongst the luscious hanging ferns and into a flora glade below us. She is uncontaminated by experience, still in her childlike purity. This is a place of beginnings. Of simple beauty. Of nature. Of essential truth and burgeoning awareness. Here is the seed that sits at the pure centre of all ideas, before they become clad in the garb of outer manifestation. As we quietly pass over head, the garden and the ballerina begin to dissolve back into the green. Just ahead we notice a circular yellow patch standing out from the fading green. It is an opening into a tube that is lit yellow by the light at the end of the tunnel. Moving out of the green sphere we are now traveling along the glowing tube towards the vibrant yellow light. Brighter and brighter and brighter until we float out into another limitless space of solid, wall to wall yellow, and through it we float, effortlessly...

Down below, we can see a gathering of light beings in what appears to be a huge spiral amphitheatre. Like an etheric choir, each being is meditating on a great thought and, as a group, they translate the totality of abstract principles, down into accessible and useful ideas. It is their responsibility to project these thoughts into the receptive minds of humanity. Those were the lights we saw shimmering across the sky and turning into sparkles that flowed down the river, streaking through the water below the surfboard. Pure inspiration. A whole range of different colours and notes ripple out from this gathering so as to cloth these great thoughts in way that we can understand. But ahead, we can see a red patch appearing through the yellow. This doorway into another silver tube is lit soft red by the light at the end. And along it we pass, through into a more intense red.

Exiting the tunnel we find ourselves floating in a hot and steamy foundry of force and substance. We realise the weight of powerful ideas, the strength of conviction and the mass of a focused intention. Here, things are made manifest by the use of the directed will. We discover that we can have an impact just by sustaining the power of persistent determination. As we float higher above this factory of busy activity, ahead we can see a blue patch, through the fading crimson glow. This is another translucent tunnel, lit blue by the light in the next sphere. Now we enter and slide along it toward the glowing blueness at the other end.

We exit into a soft blue world. All around us is a deep blue sky with sparkling stars and we are floating over endlessly rolling sand hills, tinted faint light blue by the sky. Below we can see five gum trees around a small oasis. Sitting on the bank is a naked glowing aboriginal elder with click sticks. He beckons us down to join him. Slowly, as we descend, we are fascinated that we can see the infinite sky and the stars reflecting so clearly in the surface of this small billabong. We come to rest across from the elder sitting on the opposite bank, and we begin to paddle our legs in the cool water. As we watch the surface, to our amazement, the reflection stays still and the sky begins to ripple out away from us! The more we splash the more the stars swirl and bob and twirl and roll. Although the water is refreshing, our legs quickly become cooler and cooler in the icy blue pond, until it is hard to tell exactly where our legs end and the water begins? We feel at one with the entire scene.

Looking down at our lower legs in the water, we notice that they are becoming the same substance as the sparkling starry liquid which is now moving slowly up our legs. We are absorbing it into our body and becoming star-stuff. Every atom of our glowing body is becoming a star with an orbiting body circling around it. Our body is the universe! Still further up come the stars until they fill our torso and our arms, right up to our shoulders. Now it fills our head and spurts out through the top in a fountain of ecstatic oneness. However, the starry liquid was not becoming part of us, we were becoming part of it! To our surprise, our individuated sense of self slowly melts away into the pool, leaving a trail of trickling galaxies dissolving into the sand. We are the body - immanent. We are the stars - transcendent. We are the stars, swimming through the stars. We drift across that starry sky leaving the oasis far below as the old man waves good-bye. Now, we are heading toward a golden swirling galaxy. It comes closer and closer until we dive directly through its centre and find that it is in fact another doorway into the final translucent tunnel. It converges into a solid golden glow ahead.

As the silver tube disappears, we are floating in limitless gold, over a network of golden gossamer threads. It is from here that all is made complete and whole. This is where the path comes from and the lake and all the realisations including this final realisation. It is the understanding of the path, of this brilliant space and of the pure creative potential we all have within us. Holding this vision, we can now see the completeness of the whole journey and the golden threads that link all things together.

Floating below us now, coming out of the limitless golden hue, we see the entire is-land clearly for what it is - a symbolic journey, to be explored and conquered. We see that, from its golden beaches to its molten golden core, we have now been able to open a channel so that the life can flow out to us and, therefore, to the world. We have also built a solid bridge that connects us with the essential centre of our being. A place to where we can return any time The final realisation is that the journey exists and so therefore, does the place and the space within. As a whole. As a complete path, waiting for us to discover it.

From this golden sphere we must now return to our body down below at the base of the crater rim. See it there floating on the island before us, and now move slowly toward it, down through the mists. Slipping back into this golden body, we open our inner eyes in awe of the total whole before us, aware of the power and control now awakened and at our disposal. We know that, with an act of will, all we have to do is see ourselves where and how we wish to be, and we are projected there. And so, now, we wish to return to the outer world, to serve others with what we have found. With an act of directed will, on our own this time, we retrace our path, just as we reviewed it before. The doorway. The river. The Forest. The cave.

Now we can rest in the knowledge that everything is alright and through each of us the purpose will unfold as we allow it. We are the channels. We are the doorways. Where we place our focus is what we become. Our belief and creative imagination can carry us far beyond these outer forms. What matters is that we do consciously make the journey and activate the connections, holding the vision of our completeness. There are many paths and many rivers and many mountains and many realisations. Use this one as an introductory framework to begin exploring the worlds within. Maybe we can all meet one day, diving into the oneness... of our own radiant self...

All words and concepts - Copyright Japetus 1997.
Last updated 13/9/03

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