Visionary Journeys
Each of the albums, the artworks and visualisations by Japetus
open a doorway, a portal, to experience different levels of consciousness.
The journey is now up to you!

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The Great Great Silence
Guided Visualisation


Relax and breathe. Relax and breathe.... Imagine that you are lying on a soft towel on a warm, soothing beach.... as the early morning rays of the sun play on your skin... and on the sea... and on the sand... a distant temple bell rings out across the endless waves and a soft breeze blows through wind-chimes, dispersing your cares and worries and fears.... as you breathe.... breathe in the life-force that surrounds you....

Breathe slowly from the solar plexus in time with the music... breathing in.... and breathing out.... breathing in.... and breathing out.... and as you breathe gaze up into the infinite sky and prepare for a wonderful journey beyond... Feel the sand under your spine and relax into it. You are safe and warm here as you now begin to sense the more subtle areas of your being.

Beyond your physical there are seven chakras or intelligent energy centres. You are about to move your awareness up through these subtle centres. beginning at the base of the spine and energising each centre into a spinning and radiating disk, as you move past it... The gateway to the stars resides on the top of your head, and as you energise and spin each energy centre in turn, it will propel you further and higher toward that exit point....

Now, focus your awareness at the base of your spine - the creative centre - and see it come fully to life and begin to spin, faster and faster, radiating its life-force energy out into the world and out into your aura and up your spine... Then, very slowly, move your focus up to the stomach - your soul centre - feel the strength of your Will here as you spiral higher still... To the chest - the heart centre - feel the love radiating out as that chakra and every chakra spins faster and faster with each breath..... Then up to the throat - the communication centre - feel the light surround your throat and coat each word with pure warm light as they spiral out into the world..... Then up to the centre of the forehead - the third eye - sense the vision clearly and allow it to guide you higher..... Up to the hairline - the perception centre - this centre tunes the clairvoyant eye into focus like binoculars.... As you move on to the final chakra at the crown of the head - the cosmic tap - feel the electric sparkles gathering in this high place where spirit and matter meet to energise all the other centres.... it is the liftoff point for your journey....

Now, from the top of your head draw up all the energy you have generated and use it to propel your awareness out beyond the realms of physical and etheric matter... into the purity of spaceless and timeless being..... Higher.... and finer.. and clearer.. And deeper.. And brighter.. beyond...

Into the stars... you float above the world... above your body... free... and warm and secure. Turning slowly, you see the majesty of the infinite universe first hand.... galaxies.... angels.... spaceships.... suns being born.... planets forming... full of life... as you watch. you realise that you are truly free and can travel instantly wherever you wish.... Radiating benevolent beings surround and support you... guide you.... through the halls of wisdom.. through the ancient libraries of Akasha.... Finally coming to rest on a cloud of golden light as your guides disappear... in a flood of sparkles....

This golden cloud drifts on... into the spaceless space. All around spirit beings busy themselves with creation on many levels in many realms.... Some shoot past on missions of glory while others.... on missions of healing the darkness and others.. in ships of light traveling even further... beyond concepts.. And beyond belief.. into the centre of ultimate, radiant truth.... And still you drift, secure on your cloud.... down glowing worm holes in the fabric.... creation and love surround you everywhere... it is busy beyond.... readying for the final hour... and many have gathered... In a burst of light you find yourself sitting on a patch of glowing green grass.

A courtyard!... witnessing a procession of radiant beings that pass by.... greet you... offer light to you... bow their heads and move gracefully on. One by one they pass by..... And the light around you grows and you see your awareness has found form... in light.... and it radiates.... brighter and brighter..... As the last of the beings pass by, the grass beneath you begins to glow and melt and shimmer... and whisps of green mist drift all around blowing with the wind... and you realise that you are melding back into your physical body.... back down upon the warm beach... now in the setting sunlight.....

You bring new life and new light and fresh vision.... in the twilight you see all your chakras spinning brighter and faster than ever before... as this new energised light-body becomes one with your physical.... Fully whole and empowered, you lie in the glory of the journey and gaze once more at the stars, now visible in the night sky..... Breathe slowly and deeply with the waves and feel how good it feels. Know that all is right and well beyond... and that you are an emissary for that which is coming forth from spirit into time and space.... it comes with you.... through you.... following the same esoteric path that you have trodden. In faith and in your peace.... with each temple bell.... slowly awaken to the every day world.....


It has been a hot and baking day and now in the twilight you sit, relaxed and calm and meditate, watching the rain, warm and dry, under a large overhanging rock surrounded by a lush forest. Earlier, just before sunset, a powerful thunderhead stormed over the horizon with a cleansing shower of negative ions . Electric flashes still illuminate glimpses of leaves and branches... torn, and washed asunder. A full moon flickers now through silver breaks in the clouds and the world is fresh again. All tension has been stripped away, leaving a newness that enlivens and uplifts your entire being.

Even though the sun has set, soft mists can still be seen rising up from the warm ground, in the filtered moonlight. It is foggy, and a quiet calm begins to cover the scene. While you meditate, you can feel your consciousness beginning to drift with these ethereal vapours that surround you, as the rain... gradually stops. Very slowly, the fog begins to lift and your awareness, now centred in the steamy mists, starts to float with them, higher and higher through the treetops into the clearing sky. Away in the distance you can see the rolling hills beyond the forest and through the clouds, the stars are swirling way above.

Almost at cloud-base, you feel the moonlight flooding down clear and strong, and you realise that you are no longer part of the ethereal mist. Instead, as you rise even higher above the clouds, you find that you have become one with the pure lunar light which is now absorbing your awareness and carrying it upwards, faster and faster, higher and higher, out into orbit, through into space...

Floating in pure consciousness, weightless and formless, between the gravitational pull of the Earth and the Moon, now in the full light of the sun, you are greeted by divine, angelic beings in mighty 'Ships of Glory' that hover unseen to those far below on Earth. Now you are beckoned into the largest mothership through a translucent opening that gives way to a brilliant, all encompassing glow inside. So much space within space within space. Huge towering structures surround you on all sides as you slide effortlessly forward on streams of fluid light. Warm and friendly entities come forward and communicate their truth to you with love and excitement at your arrival. It is awesome and overwhelming yet there is absolutely no fear in your own energy field or in those you meet. It just feels like home.

To your left, groups of beings gather in circles and radiate golden rings of light that are projected up to higher octaves, bursting out into an explosion of sparkling life-force that showers down on all those within the ship. Other groups, to your right, seem to be meditating in geometric patterns to create focused balls of energy that are then collected to supply the ship with fuel. So much love and so much joy. So many beings in so much harmony. They bid you to sit, and relax, and observe. A giant viewing screen unfolds before you.... Stars and Moon and Earth and Sun and planets all hanging in perfect balance and relation.

And then.. this big... beautiful ship... begins... to move... slowly at first, away from the sun. Now it gathers speed. The Sun begins to dim and the planets fly away from you. You are leaving the solar system... at great speed... faster and faster and faster, yet you feel no motion. And the Sun has become a star.... faster.... The star has become a cluster of stars........ faster.... and the cluster, now... a spiral arm.... faster.... and... faster... and before your eyes, the spiral arm becomes a receding galaxy .. faster.. still... as the galaxy hangs and twirls with other galaxies, like soap-sud swirls on the side of a cosmic bubble, in a cluster of bubbles, floating in infinite space...... With this immense perspective you can see that the bubbles of galaxies are actually cells in the body of the universe outworking their own special mission throughout the eons of being.

This fifteen billion year old creature is stirring. Awakening, to itself and the life within it. To its determined purpose, with love and wisdom, intelligently applied. Here is where they have taken you to, and everything you see before you is the realisation of universal love transcendent and universal love imminent.... fulfilling itself. For what purpose? We can only yet guess and allow ourselves to be cradled in our day to day lives knowing that this extraordinary infinite play is all unfolding on the grandest of scales, because it IS... unfolding.

Now, still sitting quietly, your bright companions tell you that it is time to return, and, on the screen, the universal bubbles draw closer and closer; and in galaxies can be seen clusters of stars again that approach and flash past. The stars thin out and one glowing dot ahead grows brighter. It is the Sun with an even smaller dot, the Earth, directly in centre screen. You have returned back to the space that you call real and it is time to return home. As the ship comes into close orbit a special pod of golden light forms around you. It has been prepared for your descent back into the Earth's vibrational field. Your angelic friends bid you warm, loving farewells as the floor of the ship melts away and releases you to re-enter the atmosphere.

Glorious Earth. It is here we are given to play the parts we choose to help outwork this great universal mystery. Like a feather in a warm breeze and with the skill of a jet pilot, you guide your golden bubble gradually down through the many levels of planetary awareness and focus... through the clouds of delusion... across a rolling topography of beliefs... finally floating gently beside a pure stream of conscious awareness that flows through a pristine wilderness of essential, creative life-force. You are divinely exhausted after your long journey and now you rest on the rich green river banks of a more conventional and familiar reality... relaxing.... breathing.... relaxing,... breathing.... High on a hill the temple bell rings out that it is dawn and you realise that you have arrived back on Earth at a place that is later than when you left, and the sun is about to rise...

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