Visionary Journeys
Each of the albums, the artworks and visualisations by Japetus
open a doorway, a portal, to experience different levels of consciousness.
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Inner Peace article excerpt circa 1987

Japetus, an Australian composer, agrees with Sogyal Rinpoche that discovering inner peace means, in essence, discovering our real, inner selves. It's all a matter of finding time to be still and look within, 'to see yourself free of all the conditioning and facades', but in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, he concedes, this isn't always easy. So, to help us on our way, Jay has composed music specifically to induce and encourage states of self-awareness and inner peace. To date, he's released many albums which, he says, are soundtracks to our own personal journeys within.

"Everything", he explains, "is energy and vibrations - tables, apples, sunshine, thoughts, auras and, of course, music. To me, inner peace is about harmonising yourself to this natural notation and because vibrations can affect one another, music can affect our thoughts and our emotions. If you sit down and immerse yourself in a really peaceful piece of music, you can harmonise with that and find the source of peace that's within you.

So much of what we do in society is full-on and most of the music we hear, even a lot of orchestral music, is full-on or dramatic, or highly structured. What my kind of music does is give people the opportunity to just relax and listen and not be under any pressure and not be tied down by structures or systems. At the same time, I try to give them something, in the music, that will cause them to undergo some sort of process or journey or change, and because it's inherent in the music that it's uplifting and peaceful and relaxing, that change is a positive change and a peaceful change. Listening to the music, which is free from structure, frees the person's mind from structure. They can free themselves from the structure of outer reality and focus more on inner reality. They can stop worrying about the outer world, relax and just be at peace with themselves.

Moreover, as this peace imbues us with a sense of inner well-being, we find ourselves more able to contribute to the well-being of the world.

Inner peace and outer peace go hand in hand and one eventually leads to the other, in the sense that, as you feel more peace, you act with more peace and vice versa. Even that step I took when I first became vegetarian, just saying, "I'm not going to bloody my hands" Even though it was a physical thing, it triggered off doorways, making it easier to find inner peace. Then, that inner peace leads you to modify your outer existence further and so it goes on. I don't think either inner peace or outer peace could change the world alone but together, I feel, they can bring world peace."

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